Hot checkra1n For windows


Hot checkra1n For windows

Jailbreaking from Windows is now 100% possible!

iRemoval PRO v5.0 features: 

  •  ⁃ New improved GUI Interface easy to use!
  •  ⁃ New QR Code payment system!
  •  ⁃ New super fast bypass process! (15s) 
  •  ⁃  Improved device checker! 
  •  ⁃ New exclusive advertisement system! (contact @ifpdz to display your own AD)
  •  ⁃ First world Windows jailbreak (iRemovalRa1n) available exclusively and only inside the app!

iRemovalRa1n features: 

  •  ⁃ First world Windows jailbreak from iOS 12 to 14.8.1 
  •  ⁃ Supported devices: A8/A9/A10/A10X/A11
  •  ⁃ To be added: A7/A8X/A9X/T2 (soon)
  •  ⁃ FREE for everyone! 
  •  -  Not Support Passcode

System Requirements: 

Windows 8/8.1/10 - 32 or 64 bits (Windows 10 recommended).

Windows 11 will be supported on next update!

Windows Defender or any other antivirus must be disabled due to the app obfuscation! 


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